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Published on 18 December 2023 at 13:33

Amedeo chilling out.

Hello, how are you?

This is my affiliate link website, and I just want to say hello, and also thank you for visiting. 


As those of you who know me know that I am a cancer survivor, a mother, a now single woman, and am not all that young. 😂❤️


Needless to say I have had a very interesting life in many ways, and I hope you will enjoy my blog posts. I am just back from Malta in the EU, and I had a lovely time there. It is a beautiful island. I also visited Sicily, and I managed to spend some time living in Gozo, and Malta as well. I learned a lot about the culture while there. I should also mention that my father was Maltese, and was the only one in the family to move to the US as an immigrant. Some of my Maltese family did go to Australia, and I am sure many of you know that there are more Maltese in Melbourne than there are in Malta. 🇲🇹  My father, of course at that time was not an immigrant of Malta, but of Britain as Malta didn't become independent of Britain till many years later. However, he loved Malta. I do, and did as well. I always felt a bit cheated for I have a large family in Malta and because both my parents were immigrants to the US, and both being the only one in the family to become US citizens that our family was so small as compared to my rather large extended family in Malta, Australia, the UK, and also Canada. Growing up it was just my sister and myself, and sometimes as when I was young and then later moved time and time again growing up and also as an adult that I really would feel alone in the world.

Interestingly enough although I love Malta dearly, I found myself missing the US for many reasons. I will give you a for example on just one issue. In Malta the dish soap to wash dishes by hand is so watered down that you have to use a lot of it. It was one of my culture shock moments. As most in the US know if you use a drop of Dawn dish soap you basically can scrub your dishes very well. I really don't know if in Malta the reason is to protect the marine life, and that there are less surfactants, but it was just one of the things I sort of just became accustomed. From what I understand they do use more surfactants, polymers, and bleach like we do in the US in Western Europe, but that is neither here nor there. I am just mentioning some of the differences like the 220 vs 110 plugs. 

Unfortunately I found how hot it was in the summer and fall to maybe be a bit too hot for me. However, the lack of constant thunderstorms or drastic changes in the weather really helped me have much less migraines than I had ever since my first brain tumor removal surgery years ago. The heat would cause me to nearly faint a few times, and even caused me injury. Obviously, my health issues have nothing to do with how beautiful Malta is, especially the gorgeous Mediterranean and Malta's many harbors. And don't get me going on the absolutely wonderful historical significances that you can visit and learn about. It is absolutely wonderful. 

Anyway, I am back in the US along with my gorgeous cat Amedeo who I named after my father who has passed away. The name in Italian means love of God. I am currently being scheduled for medical tests to keep me going, and I have already had a couple of them. 

I would also like to mention I missed other things besides the dish soap, such as Chipotle, and a ranch pizza which I definitely think the latter is uniquely US, but you know... once you get used to something you miss it. Having only having pastizzi a few times in the US I took advantage of it in Malta. So all my US friends who have never tasted pastizzi I hope at some point in your life you get to try it. It isn't exactly healthy fare, but neither are plenty of things we US people race home to eat, or purchase as part of an American diet. I must also say that Maltese seafood pizza is something that should get made more often in the US as well. Delicious!!


Anyway, this site will eventually have pet food, toys, and everything pets. I will also post cooking items that I recommend, and many other things that I know are very well worth the money. I will also try to put up humorous blog posts as I get more into this, and I can only hope you will enjoy them. Feel free to comment on your thoughts at any time, even if you don't like something. 


Once again thanks for reading. 













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