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Published on 14 January 2024 at 19:45

So I have been working on this webpage for a couple months. I wasn't really spending tons of time on it each day, but since I finally decided to buckle down I have learned to figure it out better.  So as of right now this page will just be an Amazon affiliate page. More below

Amedeo helping

Amazon will let me link their products to this website, and if you choose to buy them I will get a small percentage. Gradually I will add products, and as time goes on I will start adding Wayfair affiliate links, Chewy, and maybe a few other companies as time goes on. 

So far the products I have added are all things I recommend. I own the pink Giantex weighted blanket. I have to say that having the sleep issues I do & using a weighted blanked helps me. They are recommended for people with anxiety, and the thing I like about this particular weighted blanket is you get the duvets, one for summer, and one for winter time. 

I also have the Famisworth coffee maker. I have never had a Keurig, and I don't use it as such. I just put the ground coffee in the plastic coffee ground holder, and I can make a regular coffee or over ice. You might have to get a knack to using it over ice for the ratios you like, but it only took me a few and I am happily using it.

And last on this is a KitchenAid Mixer, which I love. I have never had the bigger kind, but I have heard from a couple of others that they prefer the one where the bowl sits down on the mixer itself, like this one is. These are great for making any kind of cake or dough. Anyone who has used one won't go back to a cheap stand mixer I am sure. This one is nice with the splash guard as well.

I hope everyone is happy to come back from the holidays, and have already made great big headways on their diets since I am sure everyone has already lost 10 lbs or more right? 🥰😂

Hope you are all enjoying winter so far. 






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